PC Doctor Operations provides a full range of services to ensure that your current PC and computer hardware continues to work at the optimum level. A computer that appears unresponsive or slow to the point where you find it impossible to get anything done may only needs a few hours attention by one of our engineers to get it back to a point where you are happy to use it. Below are a list of the services that we offer to help get your PC or system running efficiently once more.

Repairs – We have the ability to repair all makes of PC and laptop in our offices. If it is not a terminal problem we are usually able to fix it, and if your computer requires a new part then we have links with major industry vendors and will usually be able to secure a new part and install it quickly and at very competitive prices.

•   Broadband / dial-up modem problems – The internet is an ever-increasing presence in peoples lives, something they take for granted until one day something goes wrong! We would be able to identify and fix most problems related to broadband and dial up modems so the next time you lose the ability to get online, don't despair, call the doctor!

•   Network issues – At least 66% house holds in the UK have a computer with internet access and a good deal of those will have more than one. To get all the computers in the house online cheaply, many people use a router or similar device and create a home network. This can be potentially complicated to set up and if it goes wrong many users don't know where to start. We can help you get your network back online quickly and effectively, as well as advise on network security.

•   System crashes / Data recovery – We are able to help on those occasions where your computer is non-responsive and you have vital data stored on your hard drive. If there is no damage to the hard drive we are usually able to retrieve information, and in addition, if you have deleted a file and now realise you need it, we may be able to retrieve it at a more competitive price than specialist data retrieval companies.

•   Software faults and crashes – Any problem related to software will be quickly identified by our engineers and the causes of crashes identified, enabling you to use your computer with software configured correctly and therefore avoiding future crashes.

•   Blue screen problems / Windows not rebooting – Blue screens otherwise know as the “Blue Screen of death” with it's lines of code can be a nasty surprise for users. There is usually a simple reason for it that we would be able to help resolve for you. We would be able to help prevent the blue screen from occurring again, as well as identify and resolve any causes for Windows not rebooting properly.